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APLA ’15: Recycled PE, PP market growing in Mexico

Criada em: 13 novembro de, 2015

CANCUN, Mexico (ICIS)--The market for recycled polyethylene is on the rise in Mexico, a market participant tied to virgin and recycled PE resins said during the Latin American Petrochemical Association (APLA) conference.

“Recycling [in the PE market] is growing … [Mexico] exports mainly blow molding to the US,” the market participant said late on Monday.

Recycled PE is surpassing the well-known recycled polyethylene terephthalate (R-PET) market, according to the market source.

Mexico recycles about 6,500/tonnes of PE monthly and about 4,000-5,000/tonnes of PET, the source said.

Although no numbers were provided for recycled polypropylene (PP), the source said that market is also growing.  

The recycling market is not causing an impact on the PE and PP markets just yet, the market source said, because only about 5-10% of the volume material gets recovered.

However, the plastics industry's consumption of recycled resins is expected to rise by 7-10% in three years, and the industry will start feel the competition, the source said.

The more PE in the market, the more there is for recycling, the source said. The Braskem Idesa Etileno XXI project is expected to place a million tonnes of resin into the market next year.  

Proposed legislation recommends that large companies recycle at least 20% of their waste, the source said.

Still, the recycling industry in Mexico faces some the challenges: a lack of plants, lack of skilled workers and lack of high volumes of waste to sustain a continuous delivery of resins.

The APLA conference runs from 7-10 November.

Source: ICIS News