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First Quality building $68 million plant in Georgia

Criada em: 27 junho de, 2015
First Quality Enterprises Inc. will establish a plastics packaging and disposables production plant in Macon, Ga., by early 2016.

First Quality has established a new company, First Quality Packaging Solutions LLC, to run the operation. The owned facility will be renovated to make the plastics products. The project represents a $68 million investment over five years that will create about 115 jobs.

Product lines for the new Macon business will include cold drink cups and lids, hot beverage lids, portion cups and lids, takeout and ready-to-eat containers and a variety of trays, bowls and lids, FQPS stated in a June 18 news release.

The new operation will “utilize industry-leading manufacturing advancements and state-of-the-art technologies to produce plastics packaging for sale to external customers throughout North America,” according to FQPS business leader Donald Deubel. Target markets include retail food, food service and healthcare.

First Quality Enterprises makes a range of private label and branded consumer goods for adult incontinence and feminine hygiene, disposable washcloths, bottled water and engineered fabrics. The company, based in Great Neck, N.Y., was established in 1988 and employs more than 4,000. It began investing in the Macon area in 2010 where it runs a baby diaper manufacturing plant, according to a news release issued by the Georgia Department of Economic Development.