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J.D.D. - MOLDES, Lda.


Aveiro / Portugal



Agricultura Eletrónica / Telecomunicações Embalagem Utilidades Domésticas, Hotelaria, Restauração
Aiming to offer our clients the best service possible, J.D.D.-Moldes, Lda., invests both in new technologies and human resources.
The result of this investment together with our staff’s extensive experience means that we are able to support our clients in product development, project elaboration and execution of the respective mould.
We are equipped with a CAD/CAM system and IGES and DXF communication software which offers numerous advantages, namely at the quality and delivery dates level.
Our equipment is very modern and has the capacity to produce moulds of up to 8 tons.
We manufacture moulds for the production of plastic parts, essentially used in the following fields:
Electrical Appliances, packaging, telecommunications, automotive industry and parts for many other varied applications.
Our main clients are in Europe (France, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Spain) and also the U.S.A.
At present, our main aim is to provide the company with the necessary quality control systems in order to obtain the ISO 9002 Quality Certification.



P.O. BOX 216 - Zona Industrial
3721-502 Aveiro - PT



+351 256-661340