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Mountain Tree Eco Technology



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Mountain Tree has been the leader of China's aquatic industry since 2008. We provide advanced filter media and pump accessories as well as leading filtration solutions to a wide range of clients, including high-end koi farms, distributors, fish tank wholesalers and project contractors, koi dealers and hobbyists.

Our improved R&D capabilities & innovation ideas allow us to be competent to complete hundreds of projects with increasing sophistication. We understand each customer’s filtration requirements and meet their unique application needs in every project, from project planning and effective management to real-time monitoring.

Beautiful, relaxing and magical, there is a certain sense of serenity that comes about with the inclusion of a colorful koi pond.

The beauty of the pond captures the hearts of both people who simply love fish as well as those who regard it as a lifelong career.
Mr. Huang, the founder of Mountain Tree, is one of them.

When Mr. Huang was a child, he loved being close to nature. As a grown man, he became extremely passionate about water features, and as the time went by, he discovered a seed sprouting in his heart:

The desire to create a company and to present nature to everyone in a beautiful way so that more people would enjoy life with only humble efforts invested.

He was not satisfied with the filtration systems used in most ornamental fishing equipment when he entered the aquatic industry. Many fish ponds and farms required the water to be changed frequently. This made fish uncomfortable and shortened their life.

When our founder couldn’t find one brand to trust for all filtration needs, he had to create it himself. Mountain Tree was established in Guangzhou, China in 2008.

To nurture a more natural environment for fish growth, the Mountain Tree team deeply analyzes every detail of the filtration system and water circulation for ponds and aquariums.

Efficient purification of polluted water is made possible by the matrix filtration, absorption by plants, CO precipitation, Ion exchanges, microbial enrichment, pollutant degradations, and other organic methods.

One of our hot-selling products, filter brushes, is an essential defense line in water filtration.

To produce such a brush, the Mountain Tree R&D team embarked on a long and arduous road of exploration.

Traditional filtration products, which have only one function, cannot meet most filtration needs. Through numerous experiments and discussions, we decided to adopt the cross-shaped and star-shaped filament structure.

Combining physical and biochemical filtration effects, our newly designed filter brushes have a surface area of cultured bacteria several times larger than that of ordinary ones.

Even though the ordinary brushes are much cheaper, we don't think that’s what we want or what we should pursue.

We make responsible choices that reflect our values
At Mountain Tree, we assume responsibility for our actions and the environment. All of our materials are guaranteed to be nontoxic and the products are manufactured in the pollution-free process, which helps eliminate secondary pollution and raise the water quality.

Moreover, the Mountain Tree Natural & Ecological Pond Filter System combines the ecological principles of dynamics, biology and bionics with modeled ecological filtering.

Mountain Tree’s hard work and professionalism are recognized by an increasing number of customers and organizations.

Serving high-end koi fish farms and distributors of high-end filters, brushes and other pump accessories, we've reached more than 40 countries in Asia, Europe, Australia and North America and gained wide recognition for technology innovation across the globe.

Such achievements will not slow down our exploration of the aquatic industry.



No.25, Ronghe Road, Zone B, Guangdong Financial High-tech Service Zone
528200 Foshan - CN